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FanPulse: College Basketball Edition!

It’s all been such a blur and I only vaguely remember voting on this.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

With Missouri’s football season wrapped up, we continue on with our voting in FanPulse. I have already explained the changes as we move from Football season and ranking a top 25, and into the basketball season in a previous post.

But as a quick reminder: no top 25 voting, just a weekly question and Fan Confidence.

So just how confident are you in the Missouri Basketball Program?

sbnation fan pulse confidence mbb 2020

I think we can all pinpoint when Missouri traveled to Kansas City for the Hall of Fame Classic. Following a 3 game losing streak the confidence dipped significantly, but it rebounded following a win against Temple.

The current number is 71.4%. Which I honestly think is fair. Missouri has had their issues shooting the basketball, and the three game losing streak was ugly, but there’s still a lot of reason to think this team can find a path forward.

REMEMBER: FanPulse submission applications are always open. If you want to vote in the poll you can still sign up: Click HERE to sign up!

There were a few remnants of the football season in this weekend’s FanPulse (gosh, the weekend feels so long ago) and one of them was Fan Confidence for Football. Missouri fans are sitting at 57.1%. The ballots were released before the news trickled out about Eli Drinkwitz, so we’ll see how the votes change going forward. I think we’ll get at least one or two more opportunities to vote. The question of the week was:


  • LSU - 50.5%
  • Ohio State - 24.8%
  • Clemson - 20.8%
  • Oklahoma - 3.9%

BOOMER SOONER, BABY! All joking aside, this is about how I expected it to be. LSU appears to be the favorite, but both Ohio State and Clemson are good enough to win as well. Either way it’s going to be an interesting few weeks in early January.