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Coach Drinkwitz’s recruiting efforts seem to be paying off

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, December 17

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Early NSD is tomorrow, so guess what? More ‘crootin!

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. We’ve talked a lot about it in the past few days with Eli Drinkwitz’s public declaration that the 2020 class was his first priority as Mizzou head coach. This weekend was jam-packed with commits and recruits getting to meet Drink for the first time. And while the end result will probably be a bit lacking in terms of the quantity, Drinkwitz seems to have won over the currently committed and is making in-roads with the wider Missouri community... at least according to this Peter Baugh story for subscribers at The Athletic. (by the way, they are having a 40% off sale right now that you can access here)

On Monday, we also got a hint at where some of Mizzou’s high-profile targets will be signing on Wednesday.

First, let’s get the bad out of the way.

The one-time Mizzou commit had the Tigers in his top three, but it was common knowledge that his heart was set on College Station. No surprise here.

That’s it, though! That’s all the bad news! Now for the good news!

There’s an argument to be made that JJ Hester and Elijah Young are the offensive stars of this class, and Drinkwitz appears to have locked them both down. Young is more of a sure thing, and Hester has visited UCLA since Odom’s dismissal. But the timing of his visits (and rumors that he would wait to make up his mind) seem to indicate that Drink has sold him on the vision in Columbia.

We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to know for sure. But keeping Young and Hester would be a massive boost to a class that seems destined to be smaller than usual.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Coach Drinkwitz made another official hiring to his staff on Monday as Casey Woods is coming to Missouri’s staff from UAB, where he coordinated the run game and recruiting efforts as well as coaching tight ends.
  • Speaking of staff hirings:

Next year is going to be juicy.

  • Here’s a fun bit of reporting: Kurt Erickson at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the lack of speed in the NCAA sanctions case could lead to some traction for amateur athlete pay in Jefferson City.
  • Last football season may have been disappointing, but we all know Jordan Elliott wasn’t to blame. The Associated Press knows it too, having named him a second team All-American. Congrats, Jordan!
  • We’re still a ways away from diamond sports, but the Missouri softball schedule is officially set. Check it out here.
  • Congrats to #MizzouMade Jordan Clarkson, who continues to find a scoring niche in the NBA.
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