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On the 20th day of December, the Mizzou Tigers gave to me — more new football coaches!

Mizzou News for Friday, December 20 with Karen AND Josh

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Oh, hey, a new coach! Oh, hey, another new coach!

As we speed toward Christmas (and beyond), the unfortunate reality is that we’re headed out of the excitement of Mizzou football season. Sure, we’ve been buoyed for an extra week by the hiring of Eli Drinkwitz and the mad dash to hold together the 2020 recruiting class. But now we’re picking at scraps... that is in between new coaching announcements.

Lucky for us, we got two on Thursday!

Luper’s hiring was the surprise of the day for a few reasons. First, it’s been unclear how Drinkwitz would fill out his offensive staff. HCED has already said he will call his own plays, thus occupying a key role of most OCs. Luper would likely not take a job at a different university for a downgrade in jobs so... it appears the Tigers may have found their new offensive coordinator! How his role will play out in the absence of play-calling has yet to be seen.

Second, and this is based on social media chatter and light research, Luper appears to have earned quite the reputation as a recruiter. I’d be lying if I told you I could recognize any of the big names he recruited to TCU, but the word on the street says he’s quite good with recruits and their families.

The hiring also explains Missouri’s signing day offer of Luper’s son, Chance, a current Boise State commit. Chance, it should be noted, did not sign with Boise on early signing day.

In another bit of coaching staff news, the Tigers formally announced the resigning of another defensive coach on Ryan Walters’ staff.

Gibbs was an addition last season under Barry Odom and came with the reputation of a turnover guru. While the total turnover numbers didn’t quite pan out the way fans would have hoped, Gibbs undoubtedly played some role in the improvements of Missouri’s secondary.

Onto the links! (editor’s note: Thanks for your help with this, Josh. Much appreciated.)

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  • UPDATED (FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS): The women’s team is back in action today at Mizzou Arena at... (checks time)... NOON? Yep. That’s right. They will be facing Illinois.

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