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Top Moments of the 2010s: the Moe Miracle

Reliving the moments that made the 2010s what they were.


It’s difficult to be a college sports fan. For as much exaltation that came from the Mizzou fan base as T.J. Moe ran into the end zone, there’s another side of the coin. Whenever there’s a reference made of the Moe Miracle, I always think about this video:

From one end of the spectrum to the other, we’ve all been there. Sports is both glory and pain and no sequence of events quite encapsulates those feelings quite like the Moe Miracle. Down 24-20, after a Field goal put San Diego State ahead by 4, Missouri needed a touchdown. With just two minutes to go, Blaine Gabbert threw an interception. The only saving grace was the Tigers had all three of their timeouts, and needed each one to get the ball back with 1:47 to play.

Gabbert advanced the ball to the 32 yard line on a pass to Jerrell Jackson, then with 1:03 to play snapped the ball and threw the ball to Moe on an out route. Jackson provided a crushing block (totally legal btw), and Moe provided the rest.

From Bill’s Post-Game Commentary:

Memory is a funny thing. Mizzou fans who lived through the game last night, either in person, via PPV, or via radio, suffered through all the moments: the dropped passes, the just-an-inch away passes, the Ronnie Hillman touchdowns, the turnovers, the continued near-misses, the epic San Diego State punts, and everything else. It was a miserable experience. But five years from now, we’ll remember one play. The two-paragraph narrative of this game will have turned into ten words: “The game sucked, then T.J. Moe won it for us.” Everything about the play was incredible -- Moe’s initial juke, Jerrell Jackson’s ridiculous block, the sideline’s reaction, and everything else — and it deserves to go down as one of Mizzou’s greatest ever, no matter what you think about San Diego State.