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PODCAST: Mizzou Football Coaching Search Update

Sam and Nate are joined by the Godfather of Rock M Nation: ESPN’s Bill Connelly

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Florida International v Florida Atlantic Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of Rock M Nation Podcasts! Sam Snelling and Nate Edwards are here with a very special guest, the GODFATHER of Rock M Nation, Bill Connelly, who now works at ESPN! Sam, Nate, and Bill are here to give you some updates and answer some questions regarding the latest on the Mizzou Football coaching search. From names they like to their thoughts on Jim Sterk’s decision, it’s all here. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 6:41: Sam and Nate have a special guest, Bill Connelly, from ESPN! Welcome (back) Bill Connelly! The coaching search has started, but let’s hear from Bill… would he have made the move to fire Barry Odom after going 6-6?

6:42 – 11:35: The financial situation of Mizzou Athletics is something that makes this such an interesting case. Additionally, Mizzou seems like it was a few bad breaks away from having a good season and things might be different had it gone the other way. Does that hurt the perception of the Missouri job, given how the team looked this season?

11:36 – 18:16: The lack of progression from Kelly Bryant was frustrating this season. Other than injuries, why did this offense fall apart?

18:17 – 22:46: Where does Bill see Mizzou falling as far as the openings in Power 5 and the SEC?

22:47 – 35:15: Mizzou seems to be feeling pretty good about who they can get to coach Football here for the foreseeable future. What are some of the options available that seem like the best fit? Lane Train? Billy Napier? Someone else?

35:16 – 38:06: Let’s put Bill Connelly is in charge of hiring for Mizzou Football… Who is he choosing? Is there a reason to believe that Lane could work at Mizzou?

38:07 – END: Some audio issues came up at the end, but thankfully, Bill was able to answer our last question. And finally, some thoughts from Sam and Nate. Be on the lookout for more Rock M Nation podcasts this week!

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