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Twitter was fun during Mizzou basketball’s non-conference finale

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, December 31

Boy, what a way to wrap up the year, huh?

Last night’s Mizzou basketball game was fun as hell. The defense looked better than it had all year. The Tigers shot over 50 percent from three. Torrence Watson found his groove. The walk-ons were splashing threes. These blood donor type games can be a drag even in the best of times, but every once in a while one of them turns into a good old-fashioned romp. And what better place to enjoy such a victory than on Twitter?

In lieu of the traditional game stories, which you can find just about anywhere, here were a few of my favorite tweets from the evening. Feel free to drop yours in the comments.

[extremely Italian plumber voice] HERE WE GO!

Sure, that score wouldn’t hold, but it should also be noted that this was tweeted late in the second half.

Sam didn’t do this six more times, which I honestly think was a mistake.

The preferred walk-on (who I talked to before his freshman season) not only nailed a step-back trey, but also followed his own shot for a board and bucket. Walk-on king.

I don’t know what ASMR stands for, but it has to have something to do with the net splash on that Brooks Ford three.

An Axel Okongo mention? Jeez, it was that kind of night, huh?

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Dave Matter wrote a profile on Mitchell Smith, who saw his record as a starter run to 4-0 against Chicago State.
  • Twitter cracked the code: Drew Lock was singing Jeezy.

What a hero.

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