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Barry Odom says goodbye to Mizzou in a classy way, and volleyball heads to Lincoln for NCAA Tournament

Mizzou News for Thursday, December 5

Barry Odom says goodbye to Mizzou with a heartfelt message. Now I am sad.

Here’s the tweet he sent out on Tuesday morning.

Seriously, what a class act and a respectful message. Just think that this was his first college football head coaching job in the toughest conference in the country, having to replace Missouri’s all-time winningest coach. Ending his Missouri tenure with a record of 25-25, Odom did an admirable job under those really tough circumstances to get Missouri with a bowl-eligible record in three straight seasons. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t get over the hump with this program and things just didn’t work out the way everybody wanted them to. Here’s hoping he lands on his feet somewhere and sometime soon (he will).

So there’s no postseason for football, baseball, and softball this year (yeah, it still sucks) . And with the way things are going at the moment, there won’t be for basketball, either. But volleyball is in the NCAA Tournament!

The team is on its way to Lincoln, Nebraska, today and will play Northern Iowa on Friday.

Good luck to first year head coach Joshua Taylor as the Tiger volleyball team will make its fifth consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance.

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