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On the 6th day of December, the Mizzou Tigers gave to me— anxiety, annoyance, and appreciation

Mizzou News for Friday, December 6

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On the 6th day of December, the Mizzou Tigers gave to me— anxiety, annoyance, and appreciation...

Again, this is NOT how I intended these pieces to go! I wanted to celebrate good things... Maybe next week will be better, or I might abandon this idea altogether. Stop ruining the holidays, Mizzou... GOSH (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice).

I express my anxiety that we are going to end up with a coach that’s not going to do anything for us, and leave many of us to wonder why did we just not keep Barry another year to end up with this?!? I express my annoyance the longer this goes on and the less we know about said coaching search.

But really... comparing the coaching search to the hotly debated GoT finale is...well...accurate?

And finally, I express my sincere appreciation for the bang-up job Football Editor NateEdwards (@NateGEdwards on the twitter— give him a follow) is doing with all these damn coaching search pieces. Dear Mizzou, please select someone so our beloved Nate can get some rest.

Entirely accurate portrayal of Mr Edwards at present time

In regards to Nate’s posts, here’s all he’s done for us at Rock M, and you, dear readers, in the last WEEK alone:

What have you all been doing?!? I know what I’ve been doing— reading/editing all of Nate’s amazing posts. So... to you, Nate...

All Hail, King Nate

Update: There is some good Mizzou news, y’all! THANK YOU, WOMEN’S BASKETBALL!

All smiles :)

Onto the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Interim Head Coach Brick Haley has been conducting recruiting visits, and recently visited Montra Edwards, Jr.
  • WR Maurice Massey had successful knee surgery, and looks forward to getting back out on the field. Tyler Murry of ABC17 offered additional reporting on this.


This, however, does make my heart happier.

Other Mizzou Sports

Former Mizzou Player News

  • Love this.
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