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Mizzou Nation (and many more!) react to reports of Eli Drinkwitz’s move to Missouri

Missouri Tigers News for Monday, December 9

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The internet reacts to and makes bad puns about the Eli Drinkwitz news

You don’t need a preamble. You know what happened yesterday.

After Eli Drinkwitz was widely reported to be the next head coach at Missouri, our very own Brandon Kiley and Nate Edwards were ready with profiles and reactions. However, we weren’t the only ones reacting to the news.

  • Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a very detailed look at how the Drinkwitz process played out, including comments from this past weekend and contract details from his deal at Appalachian State. Ben Hochman also made a pun in his editorial headline, which is a very Ben Hochman thing to do.
  • Souichi Terada also takes a hard news look at Drinkwitz’s (still-to-be-approved) hiring and looks ahead to what he’ll be taking over.
  • Peter Baugh at The Athletic lets subscribers know about Drinkwitz’s celebrated offensive credentials.
  • Nice reaction to this here Twitter stat from ABC 17’s Andrew Kaufmann.
  • There’s a lot of subscriber-exclusive stuff at PowerMizzou, but everyone can read Gabe DeArmond’s immediate take on the hire.
  • Charlotte-based journalist (and, it should be noted, App State grad) Jason Huber spent the evening retweeting current App State players reacting to the news. The reactions range from salty to begrudging thanks, which makes sense given Drinkwitz’s short term in Boone.
  • Finally — and this is less a reaction than just more Drinkwitz-related news — if you want to dig through the catalogues of the internet, you’ll find this video of Drinkwitz in 2016 explaining his offense in a TV interview. Seems like a good, if dated, entry point into what we may see in Columbia next year.
  • Wait, actually this is the “finally”: If you want to see how “not mad, actually laughing,” App State fans are — which you may not care about! — there are some juicy tweets out there.

“Not a stepping stone.” Sit down, my friend, I’ve got some news for you about college football.

Congrats on the Sun Belt Championship. Too bad you seem too busy to enjoy it!

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Well, Von Miller called Drew Lock a, “f***ing rock star,” in case you didn’t know how his second NFL start went yesterday.

That’s fine!

Not everyone was a fan of Drew Lock’s obvious talent and supreme swagger.

Also his new signature celebration is very good and also very millennial.


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