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Missouri lowers ticket prices, details #MakeItRight campaign

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Missouri’s AD clarifies campaign against NCAA, including ticket price changes

This weekend, Missouri officially launched its campaign to fight the NCAA’s recent sanctions — #MakeItRight or #WinItRight, which are (in this writer’s humble opinion) both clearly inferior to Pete’s unofficial suggestion of #BurnItDown. Part of Jim Sterk’s plea to fans was to ramp up support of the affected programs, though apart from that plea, there appeared to be no tangible way for fans to get involved.

That changed on Monday, as Missouri announced major changes to ticket pricing as the 2018-2019 school year rounds into its final stretch.

Missouri’s student all-sports pass will cost just $150, down from $260. The price decrease comes at a slight location cost, as students will be relocated to the northeast and southeast corners of the stadium after being directly behind the opposing bench in 2018.

Athletic director Jim Stern said the decision came after talking with fans (both students and non-students), though those conversations were likely prompted by falling attendance at last year’s football games. The need for public support following the sanctions provided the perfect opportunity to make the announcement, though again, it was likely in the offing before the athletic department knew of the severity of the NCAA’s punishments.

After the changes were announced, Sterk and Andy Humes, associate athletic director for compliance, met up with local media to explain both the changes and the appeal. There’s a lot of great stuff in this interview, but I picked out this nugget.

PowerMizzou: There’s the penalty matrix that has been talked about. Is it any more difficult to overturn something that’s within that matrix?

Humes: “I think that’s part of the appeal. Not just the actual penalties, but the classification of the case. I think you heard Dave Roberts, who’s the chair of the committee, in his press conference after very much pointed to the matrix and if it’s within it. While that’s true, the committee does have the ability, there’s a bylaw, 19.9.6 I think, that allows you under special circumstances to give penalties above or below the matrix. It’s not that their hands are totally tied. There are other options and other cases, especially cases that have exemplary cooperation, often times, the bylaw is used to provide less penalties than what’s in the matrix.

One of the potential road blocks to the NCAA overturning the penalties — specifically the bowl ban — is the fact that Missouri has admitted to committing infractions. Fortunately, it seems that Missouri’s team recognizes this and is looking for cases where the NCAA has been more lenient. There’s no saying if it will work, but it’s a reason for hope.

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