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Melvin Booker named for next group of SEC Legends

One of my favorite players gets a cool honor.


The memories of Melvin Booker run deep, and he’s getting some additional recognition for his efforts by being named an SEC Legend.

You know, for all those SEC conference games he dominated...

Jokes aside, this is a great honor for Booker who was always one of my favorite players so it’s cool to see him getting honored even if he never played in the SEC. Booker played in 125 games while at Missouri, averaging 13.6 ppg, 3.5 rpg, and 3.9 apg. Many will remember him as the general behind Mizzou’s undefeated Big 8 run in 1994 when he was the Big 8 player of the year and averaged 18.1 ppg and 4.5 apg as Mizzou marched to a #1 seed and made it to the Elite 8.

Hilariously Mizzou played just one SEC team that year. Their opener against Arkansas and it... uh, didn’t go well. In 92-93 the Tigers also lost their only SEC game to Arkansas but did beat SWC opponent and future Big 12 and SEC Rival Texas A&M. Basically Arkansas was the only SEC Mizzou played while Booker was there and even they joined during the 91-92 season (where Mizzou actually did beat them in Anthony Peelers Senior year, when Booker and Jevon Crudup were Sophomores.

Booker joins one player from each team in this years class:

2019 SEC Basketball Legends:

  • ALABAMA - Erwin Dudley; 2000-03
  • ARKANSAS - Corey Beck; 1992-95
  • AUBURN - Mike Mitchell; 1975-78
  • FLORIDA - Livingston Chatman; 1987-91
  • GEORGIA - Jumaine Jones; 1997-99
  • KENTUCKY - Johnny Cox; 1957-59
  • LSU - Wayde Sims; 2016-18
  • OLE MISS - Justin Reed; 2001-04
  • MISSISSIPPI STATE - Lawrence Roberts; 2003-05
  • MISSOURI - Melvin Booker; 1991-94
  • SOUTH CAROLINA - Carlos Powell; 2001-05
  • TENNESSEE - Mike Jackson; 1973-77
  • TEXAS A&M - Antoine Wright; 2002-05
  • VANDERBILT - Derrick Byars; 2005-07

It’s also pretty cool they’re honoring Wayde Sims. If you recall, Sims was tragically shot and killed this past offseason.