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Previewing position groups with five days until spring football

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Football comes back in five days

Just two days ago, this writer was in Jupiter, Fl., enjoying the 80-degree sunshine and breeze that comes with MLB spring training. And in five days, this same writer — along with many other Mizzou fans — will be celebrating the return of Mizzou Football.

Spring football doesn’t have the same ring to it as, “spring training,” or “training camp,” but it’s uniquely important to college football teams. New players — specifically transfers and early enrollees — can get extra time playing with their already established peers, and coaches can start to formulate their plans based around the personnel at their disposal. Most importantly, though, is the opportunity for us to generate football content!

The Mizzou beat has taken full advantage of the impending days until spring football launches this weekend. Over at PowerMizzou, Mitchell Forde took a look at the offensive line, where the Tigers have been (and will likely continue to be) strong.

The biggest thing we’ll be monitoring is who gets the first crack at starting in place of [Paul] Adams and [Kevin] Pendleton, and who finishes the spring in those spots.

Forde’s breakdown is thorough and doesn’t need much additional input, but I’d love to see what newcomer Angel Matute can do. His tape showcased some great athleticism, which will be necessary in an offense built around running athletes like Kelly Bryant, Larry Rountree and Tyler Badie.

Speaking of Kelly Bryant — the St. Louis Post Dispatch broke down the quarterback depth in a post-Drew-Lock world.

We’re unlikely to see much prolific running from Bryant in the spring and preseason during controlled practices and scrimmages, and it would be wrong to think of him as a run-first playmaker who throws as a last resort. But Dooley will surely weaponize his running ability and expand on the designed running plays the Tigers used occasionally with Lock last fall..

Finally, Alex Schiffer at the Kansas City Star boiled the preview down to five questions, including the one no one wants to think about.

Tigers coach Barry Odom said a few weeks ago that he doesn’t expect any seniors to leave, while also complaining about the schools that continue to try and poach his players. Do some of them have a change of heart?

We’ll have more on spring football here at Rock M as things heat up in the coming weeks.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Derrick Chievous won’t be the only former Tiger to see his name rise to the rafters this season — Mizzou Basketball announced John Brown’s No. 50 will be retired in the season finale against Ole Miss.
  • Mizzou Baseball returns to action this afternoon by opening up the home schedule against Alabama A&M. Check out the official Mizzou preview.
  • Mitchell Forde at PowerMizzou wrote about Xavier Pinson, who has done some growing up in an up-and-down freshman campaign.
  • Sunday night’s Sunday Sit Down at ABC 17 was with Bob Burchard, soon-to-be Columbia College retiree. Andrew Kauffman always does a fantastic job, and he couldn’t have picked a better guest.
  • CBS Sports unveiled its latest NFL mock draft, and Drew Lock retains his spot in the first round even after a few mock trades.