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We’ve got a new Mizzou football depth chart, and the NFL Combine is underway

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Morning, Rock M Nation. We’re almost out of February — three weeks from the official start of spring! — and we’re still looking at nearly two more weeks (at least) of freezing weather, at least in Kansas City.

This winter needs to make like the NCAA and GTFOH.

Here’s all the news that’s fit to print:

Missouri football releases its spring depth chart

We’ve already covered the biggest (expected) news: Kelly Bryant is officially Missouri’s starting quarterback.

Now, let’s get into the rest of it. Here’s the full depth chart.

(Let me take a moment to hear to note that I went almost 100-percent on the starters this with my way-too-early offense and defensive depth chart projections. I think the word hero is tossed around a little too much these days, but I wouldn’t be opposed if you use it to describe me in this instance.)

Biggest surprise: I would say it is Micah Wilson at wide receiver, but that was announced a few weeks ago. Maybe Tucker McCann as the No. 1 punter? I’m guessing that Odom’s hope is that Josh Dodge or someone else wins the punting job; I can’t imagine Missouri feeling comfortable going into the season with McCann handling placekicking, kick-off and punting.

Biggest Duh: Kelly Bryant at QB1. Still nice to see that we don’t have to act like he’s not already the starter.

Most interesting position: Wide receiver. Man, there are a LOT of bodies there. Even if you take out the walk-ons, you’ve got 11 scholarship players on the roster this spring, with two more set to arrive this summer. A lot of options, but still a lot of questions at that group.

Biggest question mark: Defensive line. There are some dudes there — Jordan Elliott and Akial Byers, specifically — but Missouri still hasn’t had an elite pass rusher in the two years since Charles Harris left. Will someone stand out and take that role this spring?

New position? Mark it down. Missouri now has a “Boundary” position; which I’m assuming will be mutually exclusive with the third linebacker spot. Tyree Gillespie is currently the starter at the boundary.

Depth Chart Coverage Rundown:

Barry Odom opens spring football to the media

Good news for the coverage-starved fans out there, as Missouri’s spring practices — including all players and coaches — will be open to the media.

It’s refreshing to see a coach come around on the fact that (shout it from the mountain tops) SPRING FOOTBALL IS GOOD PR FOR TEAMS! I’m sure the policy will change come August, but this is good for the team, the players, the media and the fans.

At the very least, we’ll have a lot more to discuss over the next six weeks.

NFL Combine weigh-ins begin and Paul Adams is a large man

Special teams, running backs and offensive linemen were poked and prodded on Wednesday at the NFL Combine, and Paul Adams was the first Missouri player to begin the Underwear Olympics:

Those seemed to stack up pretty well with all the other offensive linemen, which you can scroll through here.

Adams was bigger than Alabama OT Jonah Williams, for example, who measured in at 6-4 1/2, 302 pounds with arms (33 5/8) and a wingspan (81 3/4) about the same size as Adams.

On Thursday, we’ll get the measurements for Drew Lock, Emanuel Hall and Kendall Blanton. On Friday, Terry Beckner and Terez Hall will weigh in.

On-field workouts begin Friday.

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