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Does Thursday’s Missouri Pro Day even matter for Drew Lock?

It shouldn’t, but the attention is a good thing.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, what more does Drew Lock have to do?

He has 50 games worth of tape, 46 of those being starts. He has 1,553 throws that scouts can pore over, break down, analyze and re-analyze. He has a week of practice at the Senior Bowl, not to mention the Senior Bowl itself. He has his interviews, measurements and testing at the NFL Combine, too.

So, on Thursday, when coaches, front-office personnel and scouts from (likely) all 32 NFL franchises descend upon Columbia for Missouri’s Pro Day, there’s really one question left:

Does it even matter?

If Lock suddenly pulls a Chuck Knoblauch or his right arm falls off on a throw, then yes, it will matter.

If Lock completes all 40 or so of his scripted throws, it doesn’t. If he makes a couple bad throws, it doesn’t. It shouldn’t. Lock has done enough over the last four years, he’s done enough over the last three months, to have proven himself to NFL decision makers. Nothing that happens on Thursday should make him plummet on draft boards; likewise, nothing he does should make him skyrocket up draft boards.

At this point, there’s enough out there to have an educated opinion on Lock. The same strengths before Thursday will be there after Thursday. The same weaknesses will still be there, too.

Instead of focusing on 40 or so throws against air, focus on these throws instead:

This isn’t to say that Missouri’s Pro Day is worthless. Far from it. The biggest benefit to having Lock throw on Thursday is what it will do for his teammates. Not necessarily for guys like Emanuel Hall or Paul Adams or Terry Beckner — not for the guys that have gone through the combine, the guys that are already on draft boards.

But now, Walter Palmore and Rashard Brandon, Cam Hilton and Kevin Pendleton, they’ll have a chance to make an impression in front of all 32 teams. In all likelihood, they’ll still go undrafted, but because of the crowd here for Lock, they’ll have a better shot at signing as an undrafted free agent.

Lock’s not going to likely hurt or help his draft stock on Thursday; he could, however, help his teammates, one last time.

Missouri Pro Day: Time, TV Channel

Time: 9 a.m. CT

Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019

Location: Columbia

TV: NFL Network

Note: The NFL Network begins broadcasting at 10 a.m. CT, but it’s unclear how much of the pro day they will show; almost assuredly, they will show Drew Lock’s portion.