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Too much, too soon: Jontay Porter issues statement on re-injured knee

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Jontay Porter gives an honest statement about re-injuring his knee.

Since re-tearing his ACL last week, Jontay Porter has been quiet about the injury and his intentions.

While he still hasn’t addressed if this changes any of his immediate NBA draft plans, Porter did issue a statement via Twitter — and admitted that the injury occurred because he didn’t follow his doctor’s orders:

A tough pill to swallow for Porter, who in all likelihood was feeling the pressure with pre-draft workouts looming. With the surgery already completed, Porter’s recovery timeline is effectively reset — and, this time, he’s almost certainly not going to rush it.

While Porter has yet to officially declare for the draft, it doesn’t mean much either way. He’ll have ten days following the combine in mid-May to make up his mind for good.

Re-living that Chase Daniel magic

Jack Parodi (hey, we know him!) is in the middle of an on-going series for the Columbia Missourian looking at the top five Missouri athletes since 2005.

And yesterday, it was Chase Daniel Day.

It is hard to believe that the magical 2007 season was 12 years ago, and any article written about Daniel in the context of that year is going to have a special place in my heart. I think that’s especially true for all of us Mizzou alums that happened to be in school during that run — and I also started dating my (now) wife that year.

Anyway, back to the article. Jack spoke with Chase Patton and Gabe DeArmond about Daniel’s career, and got some good quotes.

Like this one from Gabe:

“I want somebody to love me as much as Missouri fans love Chase Daniel,” DeArmond said. “I mean, they show a shot of the kid on the sidelines and Twitter blows up, like, ‘Oh they showed Chase standing there!’”

And this one, from Patton:

“I think (Daniel) believed he was coming to Mizzou to put them on the map, you know?” Patton said. “And he did. It’s just that confident belief that it’s not ‘if,’ it’s ‘when.’”

Good stuff all around, and Chase Daniel himself seems to agree:

If you’ve missed the first two athletes in Jack’s series, check them out here:

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