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GAME THREAD: It’s Mizzou vs. Mizzou in 2019 Black and Gold Game

Follow along for updates and chat in the comments.

Wyoming v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Missouri’s spring football game begins at 3 p.m. CT Saturday, as we get our first real look at the 2019 Tigers football team.

Follow along below for live updates and analysis, and let us know what you’re seeing in the comments.

Missouri spring game: Live updates, analysis

End of Third Quarter Stats

Drive 11: No. 2 offense vs. Reserve defense

  • A quick three-and-out for the offense, as Taylor Powell goes 0-for-3 and has yet to complete a pass. Reminder, this spring game is not the most important scrimmage of spring, but still. There will be questions about who’s backing up Bryant after this game.

Drive 10: Reserve offense vs. No. 2 defense

  • We get our first look at Shawn Robinson, who isn’t eligible this season but he is for this game. His first series is a mixed bag — he completes his first pass for seven yards to Justin Smith, then gets “sacked” on a roll out before forcing a throw that’s nearly picked. The drive ends where he’s sacked by Chris Turner, this time a more legitimate one than the first sack.

Drive 9: No. 2 offense vs. Reserve defense

  • Looks like Kelly Bryant’s day is over, and we have our first turnover. Taylor Powell forces one downfield in the face of pressure and it’s picked off by Mason Pack.


Drive 8: Reserve Offense vs. No. 1 Defense

  • Scott still in at QB and he scrambles for a first down to start the drive. I’ve actually been impressed with Scott so far; he’s put his receivers in position to make some plays and he’s kind of been the forgotten man.
  • Another sack for the starters, this time by Khalil Oliver off the edge on a safety blitz.
  • Hey, we’ve got a field goal! Koetting is good off the crossbar from 46-yards out.

Drive 7: No. 1 Offense vs. Reserve Defense

  • Bryant has hit a rough patch after his 10-for-11 start, but then threw four straight incompletions before he broke the stretch with a third-down conversion to Dom Gicinto. However, the drive stalls and Bryant’s scramble on fourth-and-five doesn’t get the first down.
  • Bryant: 12-for-17 for 150 yards; three carries, 8 yards

Drive 6: Reserve Offense vs. No. 1 Defense

  • Someone remind Joshuah Bledsoe that he’s playing his teammates, because he just laid out Khmari Thompson on an incomplete pass. Thompson is fine, though, and catches a first-down from Scott on the next play.
  • Ronnell Perkins with a similar big hit on Thompson, who hangs on this time. Guys, let’s scale it back a bit. Thompson is the top target for Scott so far.
  • First “sack” of the day comes from Jordan Elliott, who shoves Scott as he tries to throw. That ends the drive for the reserves.

Drive 5: No. 1 Offense vs. Reserve Defense

  • Another fast start for Kelly Bryant, who completes two straight passes to Nance for 40 yards. His 25-yard strike to Nance downfield was a thing of beauty, with phenomenal touch.
  • We’re in the second quarter now. Bryant is 10-for-11 for 133 yards and somehow looks even better than that.
  • So we’ve hit the first lull in the Kelly Bryant era, as he forces two passes that could have been picked. Luckily, they weren’t. His first throw was into double coverage; the second throw was worst, as he missed a safety/linebacker lurking over the middle who jumped a pass to the tight end.
  • Drive ends with two runs by Rountree who can’t get the first down; team settles for a field-goal attempt. It’s a 27-yarder and Tucker McCann misses it.


Drive 4: No. 1 Defense vs. Reserve Offense

  • It’s Lindsey Scott again, but the starting defense forces another three-and-out. Noticing a lot more quick screens to receivers so far — first sign that Drew Lock is no longer here.

Drive 3: No. 1 Offense vs. Reserve Defense

  • Tyler Badie in at running back to start this drive. After a short run by the sophomore, Kelly Bryant with two straight completions to Johnathan Nance and Bannister. Nance’s completion is a quick pass, almost a tunnel screen, that goes for a first down.
  • A long Badie run sets up another first-down pass to Bannister, as Bryant rolls right to avoid a rusher and hits Bannister crossing the field for a gain of 11.
  • Colon-Castillo is out for this drive, but the broadcast crew does not believe his injury is serious; still, I imagine they won’t risk him today. Jonah Dubinski is the back-up.
  • Bryant starts 8-for-8 for 93 yards before his first incompletion; his ninth pass is an incompletion to Alex Ofodile. The starters have to settle for a field goal, which is missed by Sean Koetting.
  • Bryant: 8-9, 93 yards, 2 carries, 7 yards; Bannister: 3 catches, 25 yards

Drive 2: Reserve Offense vs. No. 1 Defense

  • A quick three-and-out for Missouri’s starting deserve against the Lindsey Scott-led reserve offense. Scott makes a nice deep throw on third down to Khmari Thompson, who tries to adjust but can’t haul it in. Ronnell Perkins in coverage.

Drive 1: No. 1 Offense vs. Reserve Defense

  • Kelly Bryant goes 2-for-2 to start the game, completing passes to Jalen Knox and Barrett Bannister for 17 yards total.
  • Larry Rountree bounces his first run back from right to left for plenty of space, going for a gain of 17.
  • On Bryant’s third pass, he rolls to his right and fires one to Dominic Gicinto for a gain of 37. Braynt’s arm won’t be confused with Lock’s, but that was a nice throw while on the move.
  • Two runs in a row by Rountree goes for one yard and then four yards for a touchdown . In bad news, however, Trystan Colon Castillo comes up gimpy and leaves the field on the penultimate play of that drive.
  • Bryant: 3-for-3, 53 yards; Rountree: 3 careers, 22 yards, 1 TD

Missouri Spring Game: Game Details

Time: 3 p.m. CT

Location: Memorial Stadium; Columbia, Mo.

Admission, Parking: Free — Parking lots open at 8 a.m. CT

Forecast: Cloudy, 56-degrees; 15-percent chance of rain beginning at 5 p.m.

Missouri Spring Game: How to Watch

TV Channel: ESPNU

Watch Online: or ESPN+

Missouri Spring Game: Scoring, matchups

Per Barry Odom, the game will pit the starters against the non-starters — so, ostensibly, the No. 1 offense and defense will be on one team, and everyone else will be on the other. No specifics have been given on scoring, but under Odom, this has stayed pretty traditional. No more 73-27 score lines where teams were getting points for first downs, like they did under Gary Pinkel.

We know a few players won’t be playing because of injury:

Missouri Spring Game: New helmets

We’ve got some new helmets to admire on Saturday!

Missouri Spring Game: News, previews