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Drew Lock’s future up in the air as Thursday night approaches

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Drew Lock connected to several teams ahead of Thursday

We’re still a few days away from learning where Drew Lock will start off his NFL career, but the tension is already heating up.

The star quarterback has long been connected with Denver, who would have an opening in the next year or so and who are said to love Lock. However, there are also whispers that the Broncos are talking Lock up in the case that a run on quarterbacks happens in the top half of the first round.

Meanwhile, there’s one other QB-needy team who may be looking for Lock to slide out of the Top 10.

1. Quarterback Drew Lock (Missouri): He’s believed to be at or near the top of the [New York] Giants’ quarterback list because of the way he throws and his ability to move. Lock “can be special,” a coach who studied the quarterback said. The question is whether they can wait for pick No. 17 or will need to move up. The latter is a realistic possibility given the Giants are flush with picks (12, tied for the most of any team).

Personally, I’ve long thought the Giants were a great fit for Lock. They’re clearly in rebuilding mode, and the pressure wouldn’t be on Lock to come in and win now. He could learn from Eli Manning for a year or two before taking the reins — and this would give the Giants an opportunity to stock up on new weapons for Lock to use.

The Giants aren’t the only team connected to Lock who may be looking for a more long-term fit, however.

But even though Aaron Rodgers was a clearly defined successor to Brett Favre, [Green Bay] Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst downplayed bringing in Missouri quarterback Drew Lock for a pre-draft visit was part of a plan to eventually replace Rodgers.

This would also make a lot of sense, and it appears the Packers are also looking at other QBs, so they may be coming off as opaque on purpose. Lock would be a good fit in Green Bay too, especially if the Packers continue with the high-flying offense they’ve long had under Rodgers.

The Kansas City Star’s Alex Schiffer tackled the question of Lock’s future on Monday, exploring the possibility of several different teams taking a chance on Lock. There are several intriguing options on this list, including one I hadn’t thought of that makes a whole lot of sense! (Hint: Lock technically wouldn’t be changing mascots!)

In any case, an outcome that once seemed like a certainty — Lock to the Broncos — now seems much murkier.

Also, not that it matters, but we found out Drew Lock’s Wonderlic score yesterday.

I have less than zero input on that result!

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