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Denver fans getting to know Drew Lock

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Drew Lock, Drew Lock, oh yeah, and also Drew Lock

As if the Old Gods and the New heard my cries, the Mizzou beat was unusually slow on Sunday, giving me requisite time to stay up late watching that wild Game of Thrones episode and still have time type up y’alls links for today. However, there is still plenty of Drew Lock content out there!

After a brief flirtation with playing the heel in Denver, Bronco fans are now getting to spend time learning all about their new quarterback. Denver Sports Internet is ripe with Lock-related content and you’d probably get just as much content by googling Lock as you will following these links.

As expected, reporters expect Lock will get time to develop behind Joe Flacco, who is still very much elite according to John Elway.

“I think the bottom line is [Lock] is coming to compete as a backup. Joe’s the starter,” Elway said. “When we look at it, we’re hoping Drew is the future. But Joe is the starter, is going to be the starter and he’s going to battle.”

The fact that Elway said he’s also looking at Flacco and Lock like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers from 2005-07, when Rodgers was the Hall of Famer’s understudy, is also telling about their sentiments regarding Flacco.

There are several other great questions in that mailbag about Lock. However, we could just as easily be talking about Lock and Aaron Rodgers himself. Some sources say Green Bay was on the verge of picking the Missouri star before Denver snatched him up.

NFL reporter Benjamin Albright said the Packers were looking to take Lock in the second round (No. 44 overall) but the Denver Broncos traded up to get him. Aaron Nagler of Cheeshead TV confirmed the report.

You snooze you lose, Pack.

However, it may not always be sunny and smooth in Denver — much to the chagrin of you Chiefs fans, I’m sure. Mark Kiszla at The Denver Post thinks Locktober (Lockvember? Lockcember? Lockuary?) may come sooner than many fans anticipate.

“Drew will have time to sit and watch Joe, and take his time and learn and continue to get better,” Elway said.

Well, I don’t doubt that’s the plan. But, in reality, I also doubt there will be a smooth transition from Flacco to Lock, who has too much swagger to sit quietly in a corner and patiently wait his turn to be the starter. Sooner or later, this is destined to be a fight.

Time will tell, as it does with all draft picks. Clearly Denver’s interest in Lock was genuine, and it’s safe to say Lock figures heavily into the franchise’s future plans. How long it may take him to seize the reins from GOAT Flacco is still uncertain. But for now, Bronco’s fans will have to hope Lock can quickly shed any more Chiefs allegiance and fully integrate himself in Colorado.

More Links:

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  • I know I shouldn’t have to say this — y’all know the drill at this point — but no chatter about Avengers: Endgame or Game of Thrones without liberal use of the spoiler feature. Don’t be the person who ruins it for someone else — and I’m sure no one will!