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Booze this man! Alcohol sales on annual SEC meetings agenda

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

SEC schools may have the chance to sell alcohol at football games — if they want

The SEC’s alcohol sale policy has long been “only in premium, controlled areas” — i.e., club seating. That may change, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, who takes a look at this very topic being on the agenda at the upcoming SEC meetings in Destin, Fla.

Dellenger points out that the SEC’s policy has become something of an outlier, with 55 teams currently selling alcohol at games and most conferences allowing their member institutions to create their own policy.

Interestingly, Dellenger reached out to spokespeople at all 14 schools for comment about this topic.

Only one offered an official response:

Thirteen school leaders either declined comment, referred SI to the league office or did not respond. Christian Basi, a spokesman for Missouri chancellor Alexander Cartwright, says the university “looks forward to a robust discussion on the issue later this year at the annual SEC meetings.”

It makes sense that Missouri — and, really, every other school — should allow the sale of alcohol at games. With attendance (and revenue) declining, offering alcohol at games could create some more profit, and hopefully, some more butts in seats.

Now if Missouri could somehow offer hunting opportunities in November, that might solve all the attendance issues!

From booze to boos: GateHouse Media really sucks

Layoffs are nothing new in the sports media world. A year ago yesterday, I found out that Cox Media Group was pulling the plug on its college sports verticals — this was after multiple months talking about expansion and scaling, forcing me (as one of the deputy editors) to actually bring people in and interview them for positions that executive management knew would never really exist.

There are worse stories, though. Thursday was one of them.

GateHouse -— a soulless organization run by soulless people — owns the Columbia Daily Tribune, and on Thursday, announced the layoff of Garrick Hodge, sports editor, and Hunter Dyke, photographer. Hodge had been there for less than a year, moving to Columbia for this job. Dyke was, in my opinion, the best photographer on the beat. If you don’t know that name, think of the pictures of Barry Odom out of the tunnel with his players against Tennessee or Barry Odom with his son after the Florida win.

I’m not the only one who thinks that, either:

GateHouse gutted a once-proud paper; a paper that made not just our sports coverage across the state better, but news coverage in general. It’s just sad, man. We’re going to avoid posting links to Columbia Tribune articles as long as GateHouse owns them — I know that sounds petty, but there’s not really much of a sports department right now, anyway.

Here’s to both Garrick and Hunter getting scooped up fast. Better opportunities await, guys.

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