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Emanuel Hall reminding everyone about the chip on his shoulder

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Emanuel Hall choosing the tougher road to the NFL

Every undrafted free agent — and every player who has ever felt barely slighted by their draft location — in the history of the NFL has had a chip on their shoulder. It’s an easy narrative that works because of our inherent desire to root for the underdog and one that you’ll likely hear over and over and over and over again until the impending heat death of the universe.

However, that isn’t stopping the Chicago media from working the narrative around Mizzou alum Emanuel Hall, who’s carrying around a chip the size of Cloud Gate after going undrafted.

“I promise you it’s a feeling that I’ll never forget. That was one of the worst feelings ever, being undrafted,” Hall said at Bears rookie mini-camp Saturday... I had a draft party on the second day and the third day you’re just shaking everybody’s hand, ‘Thanks for coming.’ — no one wants to do that.”

Mark Potash’s story doesn’t just highlight the easy narrative though. In his conversation with hall, Potash unveiled why the speedster went to Chicago and why he could’ve had an easier time elsewhere.

The Bears return nearly 90 percent of their receptions and receiving yards from 2018 in Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller — and all three are expected to expand their roles in the second year in Matt Nagy’s offense.

But Hall embraced the challenge. He said he had “20-plus” offers after the draft, but chose the Bears in large part because of receivers coach Mike Furrey.

Nagy proceeds to praise Hall for making a decision not based on money, but where he thinks is the best fit for him. After a weekend when no one decided to bet on Hall, it makes sense that Hall is showing he’s willing to bet on himself.

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