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SEC Green lights alcohol sales

Missouri has said they plan to explore their options in the wake of the news.

NCAA Football: Memphis at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Click on the tweet and follow the thread, it’s worth it for the gifs alone.

We here at Rock M Nation took the news well:

Overall I think this is a smart move for the league. What this news means is the league is allowing their member institutions to decide if they want to sell alcohol at games and I believe Mizzou should sell beer and wine (and sure why not more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) at any and all sporting events. I’m not endorsing the move solely because I’m a former bartender and booze enthusiast, but because I think it’s a smart move for Mizzou to look at alternative revenue streams. If you don’t drink nothing changes for you, but if you are like many and enjoy having a beer at the game you can do so. It also creates another revenue stream for the University.

Honestly I’ve seen some people arguing against this move saying things along the lines of it not helping attendance. And I have a simple response... It won’t HURT attendance. If it can make the school a little extra money why not take advantage?

Attendance all around college sports in dwindling because you can curate your own experience at home. With the accessibility of high definition televisions at home and the length of football games thanks to television timeouts, there are just as many reasons to stay home as there is head to the game. If you can eliminate even one excuse all the better. Then hopefully the AD can find additional ways to get fans involved and engaged to stem the tide of the dwindling attendance.


Should Missouri sell alcohol at sporting events?

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Mizzou Football gets an Official Visit

The twitter account is Dominique Johnson, a 6-2 220 lb 3-star RB/LB from Crowley Texas. Missouri is his only SEC offer currently, but feel free to watch his highlights and decide for yourself if he’s SEC ready:

He can certainly bounce off tacklers, but looks like he’d be a good fit on the defensive side of the ball.

Cam’Ron Fletcher cancels his top 5 announcement

I thought it was a little weird he was releasing a top five since he originally said he wanted to go on some visits first. But the top five will be coming at some point and I will waive my magic eight ball and guess we’ll see Missouri on the list. The others I’d guess at right now would be Michigan State, Kentucky, Kansas State, and Ohio State. Louisville and UCLA could also sneak in (which is why I think we don’t have a top five yet). The Spartans are likely the top competition, but I still think Mizzou is as in the mix as you can expect them to be.