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AD Jim Sterk gives a State of the Mizzou-nion to local media

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This... this feels like a trap.

Jim Sterk had a wide, w-i-d-e, ranging conversation with local reporters on Thursday, but this part about Missouri’s impending decision on whether or not to sell alcohol at games jumped out to me:

Sterk told reporters:

“So really, and I think it surprises most folks, the MUPD are really in favor of serving alcohol inside the stadium.”

Of course, there’s logical reasoning behind that, as Sterk went on to point out:

“We’ve had studies from Ohio State that it reduced the number of arrests and issues that they have and I think rather than outside, they’d rather have it in a controlled environment.”

Either way, we’re still awaiting Missouri’s final word on this decision, and Sterk pointed out that they’re trying to take a lot of factors into consideration, including how it would affect the concession stands at Faurot Field and the experience for non-alcohol buying fans.

There were more pressing matters in the Q&A, including season ticket sales for the football team and the return of the “brand” to pre-2015 numbers. Sterk said that season ticket renewals are ahead of last year’s numbers, and they’ve seen a leveling off in licensing numbers instead of the decline of the past few years.

Not everything is great, though. Reporters asked if Missouri is preparing for a situation in which the NCAA sanctions are not oveturned, and Missouri’s athletic department loses out on money by not being bowl eligible.

Sterk said:

“... I don’t want to go there until we’re faced with it. I think there are some things that can be done to help us get through that tough spot. This institution, I think when they moved from the Big 12 to the SEC, lot its revenue for one year. I think maybe something like that.”

A ton of good information in this Sterk session, so I recommend giving the whole Q&A from a read.

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More Links:

  • As of 11:30 p.m. (and 56 picks in the NBA Draft), Jontay Porter had yet to be drafted. Check out the front page for the latest on his status.
  • The second annual “Rivalry Renewed” MU-KU game has been set for some time (July 28, Silverstein Eye Center, Independence, Mo.), but what wasn’t know was the full roster of former players for each side. The Wichita Eagle reports that Kim English will be one of the new former Missouri players for the game:

MU’s Rush will lead a Tiger team that will include Arthur Johnson, Thomas Gardner, Albert White, Kim English and Julian Winfield as well as the Tigers who participated in last year’s contest.

Those other players would include Leo Lyons, Stefhon Hannah and Rickey Paulding.