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Mizzou and San Diego State agree to four-year football series — let’s relive the Mid-Moe Miracle!

Tigers and Aztecs will meet in 2027-2028, 2031-2032

Missouri v Tennessee Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Missouri announced it has inked a four-game football series with San Diego State, hosting the Aztecs in 2028 and 2031 and traveling to San Diego in 2027 and 2032.

There’s obviously a connection here: Before replacing Fixer Upper Mack Rhoades as Missouri’s athletic director, Jim Sterk held the same position with San Diego State for six years.

Missouri is 3-0 against the Aztecs, winning both legs of a home-and-home in 1979-1980. Of course, the last time Missouri played San Diego State, this happened:

I was shooting highlights on the sideline for this one, and I’ll always have a fond memory of this play for one reason. Throughout the entire game, there was a support-staff member of San Diego State running up and down the sideline, waving a towel over his head. He kept running through the shots of photographers and videographers, and would also stand in front of us, waving the towel pretty much in our faces.

Late in the game, with Missouri looking like it was about to pick up a loss, I “politely” asked him to stop. He “politely” told me he would not.

After the Moe Miracle, I looked for him on the sideline, and seeing him crouched low to t he ground with his head in that very same towel was one of the top-five most satisfying moments of my career at PowerMizzou.

The game also provided for more #ElectricContent than just the highlights:

Anyway, I think we can all watch that Mid-Moe Miracle a few times before 2027 rolls around.