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Mizzou gets opening slot at SEC Media Days

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou on the clock for SECMD 2019

We’re smack dab in the middle of the summer which means a few things.

  1. It’s a wasteland for college athletics news.
  2. Luckily it won’t be a wasteland for much longer because...

The Tigers will lead off south’s favorite summer holiday tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. with Barry Odom, Cale Garrett, DeMarkus Acy and (surprise, surprise) brand spanking new QB Kelly Bryant taking the mic.

Mizzou’s decision to send Bryant to Hoover signals Odom’s faith in the newcomer from Clemson, who joined the Tigers in January and has one year of eligibility to leave his mark on the program. The Tigers could have easily sent All-SEC candidates Larry Rountree, Albert Okwuegbunam or Johnathon Johnson to represent the offense, but Bryant’s selection reflects the instant impact he’s made within the team as a leader.

It’s a prime location for Mizzou’s representatives, who are usually buried toward the middle of the week. It’s a great opportunity to stoke the flames of excitement for Mizzou fans. The upcoming season is full of great narratives including, but not limited to: the promise of a potentially special season; the lone season of Kelly Bryant; and, more locally, how a successful season could fuel a recruiting class that’s shaping out to be very good.

Unfortunately, Odom and his players will also have to answer questions about the NCAA sanctions currently withholding them from postseason play. We’re probably still a month or two away from resolution on that end so, in the mean time, the national media will make it a prime topic of conversation, even though Odom’s delegation will likely parrot the quiet optimism of their athletic director.

Sterk is confident in Mizzou’s appeal, which has been sent in to the NCAA. He is under the NCAA-mandated gag order, but offered that the in-person meeting with the appeals committee is slated for the “near future.” He has reasons to believe the Tigers could know their fate between the end of August and the end of September.

Even if SEC Media Days can be a little rote, it’s still an exciting reminder that football is just around the corner. It’s also another chance (this year) to get a look at the Tigers’ exciting new transfer QB who, by all accounts, has fallen in love with Ole Mizzou.

We’ll have more coverage on SEC Media Days throughout the week. If you want a look at the full schedule, you can find it here.

More Links:

  • MoKan Elite took home the 2019 Peach Jam championship on Sunday and, as noted yesterday, the team is full of Missouri targets like Davion Bradford, Luke Kasubke and Kennedy Chandler.

But that wasn’t the only news on the recruiting circuit on Sunday. We could soon be learning where Mizzou stands with a few high-priority targets.

Of the 2020 big three, these are likely two of the toughest gets for Cuonzo Martin, but you can’t count out Cuonzo until signing day. Getting the Tigers on these lists would obviously be a step in the right direction.