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Talkers talk and Drew Lock plays football

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Drew Lock looking to prove his new coach wrong

Over the last few days — really weeks — Drew Lock has been making headlines you maybe don’t want as an NFL rookie.

First, there were the contract issues. While they were eventually resolved with no harm done, Lock was notably one of the last rookies to sign because his camp was asking for more money than the Broncos offered. And while he certainly deserves that money, it’s still not the best look for a rookie QB to hold out over contract disputes.

Then — maybe as a result of said disputes, maybe not — Denver’s new head coach threw buckets of ice cold water all over any hype Lock had coming into camp.

“His college offense had no carryover to pro offenses,” said Fangio, 60, who’s coached in the NFL for 30-plus years but is starting his first season as a head coach in the league. “He was under duress a lot. I don’t think he’s as far along being an NFL-ready QB as he could have been.”

(Look, Vic, I’m inexperienced as an NFL head coach too, so maybe I shouldn’t be talking. But maybe your best plan of action isn’t to put the rookie down before he’s ever played a down in the league? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.)

But Lock has stayed positive throughout it all, reiterating his desire to see the field and learn as much as possible... especially from his offensive coordinator.

“I love that [Rich Scangarello],” Lock said. “He teaches in such an awesome way. He’ll let you go out there and make a mistake and not rip you for that mistake unless you go back out there and do it again. Coming from a quarterback standpoint, at least me, I like that kind of coaching.”

Huh. Sounds like something Fangio could take to heart. (Bronco fans, please do not @ me, I have no dog in this fight.)

And while Lock continues to prepare himself for the coming season, it seems like he’s still got that magic touch — and leadership ability — that we saw on display in the black and gold.

Regardless of whether or not he sees the field soon, Lock seems to have a dedicated fanbase amongst True Sons and Daughters all over the place.

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