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The “This Is March” guy released an SEC power rankings and, well, uh... hmmm...

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

I know it’s almost football season, but we have to talk about Jon Rothstein

If you’ve spent any amount of time paying attention to basketball in the past few years, you are likely familiar with Jon Rothstein, Twitter’s favorite basketball android-person and America’s resident calendar keeper — but, y’know, only for March. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a piece of... uhm... well, here’s this anyway...

It makes me uncomfortable, but also I love it?

Yesterday, Rothstein decided it was time to unplug himself from the motherboard long enough to print out his calculations on the coming SEC basketball season. Here they are!

Wait. Hang on a second.

What fresh hell is this?

That is certainly a take! I mean, Missouri wasn’t great last year. But 13th, Jon? Really?

Our basketball editor weighed in on Twitter:

Thank the lord for Matt, because my take would not have been nearly as balanced. Obviously Rothstein has become more of a meme than anything else in the past few years, but it’s always good to put some fuel in the motivation tank, no matter how far away we are from actual basketball.

But seriously, Jon. This is July. Shouldn’t you be recharging for another eight months?

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • It means nothing, really. It’s not even worth getting excited about, to be honest. But it’s still worth pointing out...

WE’RE 23! WE’RE 23! WE’RE 23!

  • Ben Frederickson at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Tucker McCann is the fifth most important player for Mizzou this year which, on one hand, makes a lot of sense and, on the other hand, is slightly terrifying?
  • Gabe DeArmond wrote 10 things about the weekend past and Sean Williams talked to a Mizzou recruit who had good things to say about the Tigers. All in all, a normal Monday at PowerMizzou — for premium subscribers, that is.
  • A little bit of good news for people who like good news... about tailgating!
  • Summer baseball has been kind to Mizzou Tigers, Exhibit S.
  • Interesting thought exercise:

I’m assuming he’s talking about football. 10,000 points to the person with the most creative answer. Or just the funniest.