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Projecting SEC basketball performance is both fun and informative!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Let’s look ahead to 2019-2020 SEC basketball

Happy Tuesday, y’all. It is absolutely dead on the Missouri beat right now, so there aren’t really any big headline narratives to recap.

However, this week’s news drought is the perfect time for us to drop a series from our esteemed Basketball Editor Matt Harris. It is this writer’s opinion that there is no finer writer on the Mizzou basketball beat, and yesterday, he started a five-parter on the returning players to SEC Basketball. In yesterday’s intro, he explained how it’s possible for us to somewhat accurately predict how players will perform.

We start by asking about the level of a player’s involvement and role in the rotation. Are they seeing lots of possessions? How do their minutes stack up against their teammates? And when they check in, how big of a role do they play? Fortunately, Hoop Lens and KenPom help us with accounting.

Matt’s writing, per usual, is both informative and down-to-earth, making everything not only digestible, but fun to learn! And if this sounds like a commercial... well, maybe it is! He’s a good writer! READ HIM!

But seriously, anyone itching for some basketball news should be all over this coming series. In it, Matt separates the SEC’s critical returning players into five tiers. He started with the headliners yesterday and will work his way through each one over the coming days.

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