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Daniel Parker Jr. is a Tight End after some initial confusion

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Yesterday Mizzou Football released the roster

Sammy Stava had the breakdown here, and there were certainly some surprises like Tre Williams being cleared to rejoin the team. But one thing many people noted was the position of Daniel Parker Jr. He was initially listed as a defensive end, the position he was recruited into and the position he wanted to play coming to Missouri.

Clarification came last night the position listing was in error:

After Albert Okwuegbunam’s injury the Missouri receiving corps took a bit of a hit but the loss was sustained when Parker showed up mauling people with blocks and making shoestring catches. Parker staying at tight end should give Kelly Bryant an extra set of hands for easy dump offs if he can’t find receivers down the field.

We’re also close to the introduction of Mizzou signee Alex Okongo

Whether the waiver goes Missouri ways is anyones guess but they have a good case. Okongo has used years of eligibility by simply trying to get to the United State to play basketball.

Okongo could make his impact in a reserve role this season and challenge senior Reed Nikko for some minutes, but first he needs to make it too campus. Which is close now.

Yesterday at Rock M

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