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Kelly Bryant doesn’t want your stupid ring, Dabo

Hopefully this stupid conversation can end now.

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I said everything I could possibly say about this yesterday, but now I’ll just let Kelly speak for himself

This whole thing was dumb, really. There are a lot of storylines where you’re sort of asked to take a side, and I err on the side of players almost all the time. This was no different. I do think Bryant was nearly invaluable to the Tigers in the first four games last year, but he did choose to leave. He was basically pushed out and was smart enough to realize

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Meanwhile, Jeff Goodman used far less data for his piece in ranking the SEC jobs where Missouri came in 5th. Both KP’s rank and Goodmans feels about right. I could quibble with the methodology but overall I feel like Missouri is close to where they should be given the criteria. After 1 & 2, you can make a case for about four or five different schools to land at three, Missouri among them.