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Mizzou’s tight end depth is taking a hit this camp

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Injury concerns at tight end? Not so tight!

We’ve covered the concerns Mizzou has at tight end, especially with its preseason All American tight end’s checkered injury history.

However, things are getting even dicier for the tight end depth as camp rolls along.

  • Junior Brendan Scales will be out close to two months after fracturing a bone in his foot. He’d been working with the first team while Albert O. and Daniel Parker sat out with injuries.
  • Speaking of those injuries, the Kansas City Star provided a few updates, which make things sound a little rosier than, “Hey, your top three tight ends are all injured just a few weeks before the season!”

Sounds like we’ll get a good look at the whole range of Tiger tight ends before too long!

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