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Cuonzo Martin sends late offer to top prospect in 2020 class

Here are today’s Mizzou (late) Links.

Cuonzo Martin offers Top 60 SG

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Sorry about the late arrival of links today, folks. Still working out some kinks in the new rotation!

Not a lot of headline worthy news for the Tigers yesterday, though a basketball recruiting note could be of significant interest.

With the commitment of Cam’Ron Fletcher to Kentucky and the fading chances with Josh Christopher, Martin offered shooting guard Caleb Murphy out of Loganville, GA.

Usually when offers go out this late in the game, they’re for flier prospects — guys with high ceilings but low floors. Think Christian Guess from last season, a player whose star had fallen, but still showed the upside of a contributor in a Power 5 program. As you can remember from Guess’ time at Missouri, those types of offers tend to not work out.

However, Murphy is a different story. He’s a bonafide four-star recruit, ranking at 52nd nationally at Rivals and 117th at 247Sports. His offer list is about what you’d expect for a recruit that well-regarded — a host of SEC schools are on him given his proximity. Missouri is just the latest to join the party.

Of all the schools on Murphy, however, Missouri is only one of two classified with “warm” interest by 247, along with Georgia Tech. It’s still very early in this courtship, but it stands to reason that there has to be some level of interest on Murphy’s side if Martin is throwing around offers to someone with his pedigree this late in the game. We’ll keep an eye on this situation and give you updates as it develops.

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