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PODCAST: In The Short Corner with Sam Snelling and Brandon Kiley

Sam welcomes Brandon Kiley into the Short Corner

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Arkansas v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Sam is joined by Rock M Nation’s newest addition, Brandon Kiley. For those of you who do not know, Brandon is the producer of “The Drive” on 610Sports in Kansas City and he is also our lead football writer for this upcoming season. To say Rock M is excited to have him and his experience is an understatement.

Brandon joined Sam on the latest episode of In The Short Corner to talk a whole lot of Mizzou, including Mizzou Hoops and Mizzou Football! Check out the episode breakdown below:

Episode Breakdown

  • :15 — 5:50: Welcome BK to In The Short Corner! Let’s talk a little about BK and what he is bringing to Rock M as well as his background.
  • 5:51 — 16:52: There is some excitement around Mizzou Football even with the cloud that is the NCAA surrounding the team. What can this team be and how do they exceed expectations?
  • 16:53 — 25:20: In a shocking turn, let’s talk a little Hoops and the uneasiness of the Mizzou Fans...
  • 25:21 — 36:42: How does Mizzou become that school in the Upper-Tier when it comes to basketball and some decisions Cuonzo will have this year.
  • 36:43 — 42:48: What should be the target number for total wins for Mizzou Hoops?
  • 42:49 — END: Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up!

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