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Mizzou’s preseason camp lacked for headlines. That’s a good thing.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Camp is over, and what did we learn?

Above all, Missouri escaped camp without a traumatic injury cutting down a cornerstone player. Sure, some key players are nicked up, but the only real hit came to depth at tight end once Brendan Scales went down with a broken bone in his foot. Almost one week out from kickoff, though, the Tigers will likely have a full deck when they land in Wyoming.

The past month saw some mild intrigue as the running backs and wide receivers jockeyed for position. There was a mild position battle at safety. There was a period of slight terror when tight end Albert Okwuegbunam and quarterback Kelly Bryant were hobbled, but both figure to be in fighting shape. And a lone position switch with Richaud Floyd now tasked with batting down passes instead of catching them.

After that, well, it was a month absent major headlines.

Again, that’s the desired outcome.

However, The Kansas City Star’s Alex Schiffer had 15(!) takeaways to share after spending August roaming the practice fields.

Yesterday at Rock M

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