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It’s game week, and the Mizzou beat is throwing out season predictions!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Full-season prediction week is here!

For the first time in eight months... HAPPY GAME WEEK, TIGER FANS!

It’s officially time to stop navel-gazing and time to start looking at the week ahead. Mizzou takes on Wyoming in a matter of days, and the Mizzou beat is submitting its last minute predictions before the season starts. Notably, the staff of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch contributed to a piece breaking down their expectations for the season.

Quick Hit: If Missouri’s passing game clicks behind Kelly Bryant and the defense and special teams makes strides, the Tigers can put some heat on Georgia in the SEC East. The great unknown is how the team will respond to the NCAA appeals committee ruling, whether the postseason ban sticks or is overturned.

Season prediction: 9-3 overall, 5-3 SEC

That’s Dave Matter’s contribution, but go ahead and click the link for thoughts from Ben Frederickson, Benjamin Hochman, Jeff Gordon and Cameron Hollway. We’re mostly finished with our preseason coverage, but we’ll be adding some last-minute thoughts as the week goes by.

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More Links:

  • Josh Christopher becomes the second Mizzou major recruiting target to announce an official visit to Columbia. The guard will visit campus on November 6 when Florida comes to town.