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Missouri high in the minds of bettors, pundits

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

National pundits, Vegas high on Mizzou in Week 1

I’ve never been much of a bettor, but I understand the appeal. Gambling offers a sort of zero-sum-game thrill that, combined with the thrill of college football, provides a uniquely emotional experience.

However, if you’re looking to bet on Mizzou this week, you may not get the best payout. The Tigers opened as a heavy favorite in Vegas yesterday — 17.5 points.

However, if the Tigers are as good as some of the pundits are saying, that spread is entirely justified.

Saturday Down South is big on the Tigers’ place in the SEC, ranking them 5th overall in the conference and 2nd in the East.

...between a weak schedule, consistently improving talent, and the big gap between Georgia and the rest of the East, the Tigers get the opening nod as the No. 2 team in the East.

That seems like less a vote of confidence and more of a vote of no confidence in the rest of the division, but hey, any press is good press!

There is one person whose especially confident in Missouri’s chances moving forward though — esteemed alum Pat Forde.

Minnesota, Iowa State and Missouri will all be undefeated going into November. The first College Football Playoff rankings will be released on Nov. 5. Are you ready for the Gophers, Cyclones and Tigers to all be in the top 10, and perhaps even one or two of them in the top five?

It’s a bit odd to see Forde so positive about the Tigers — he’s one of the few alums who genuinely does seem to seek out ways to show his “objectivity” in this matter — but it’s incredibly fun to think of a world where the Tigers are within the CFP Top 10!

Yesterday at Rock M

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