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Everyone stay calm... but there’s a Mizzou Football game tomorrow!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Before we jump into our ongoing coverage, let’s hop in with the bad news from yesterday, shall we?

Mizzou Football loses their top rated Commit, Antonio Doyle

Doyle was a surprise commitment back in June, as the highly rated linebacker was long considered either an Oklahoma or Texas A&M lean until he pledged to Mizzou. What’s interesting is he mentioned the fact he was about to become a father as one of the reasons he committed, and just the other day Doyle’s daughter was born. At this point it’s hard to quantify where Missouri fits into the picture, but it’s rarely the case a player will decommit from a school only to commit again to the same school later on.

So how about we rinse that taste out of our mouths with this most excellent video from Mizzou Football’s twitter account:

And here’s Marcus Murphy doing Marcus Murphy things:

And here’s Kendall Blanton scoring a Touchdown as well:

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • If you’re looking to sign up for ESPN+, Rock M Nation now has an affiliate link to sign up: ROCKMNATION ESPN+ LINK SIGNUP NOW PLS
  • We’ve got all kinds of fun posts planned for today, some old favorites and newer ones. So I hope you enjoy this Friday before Mizzou Football.