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Other than injuries, everything seems to be going great at camp!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Camp proceeds as normal*

The biggest story on the Mizzou beat is obviously still preseason camp. And while some notable news did come out of camp on Monday, we’ll be covering that in a breakout post later this morning. In the meantime:

  • Richaud Floyd is working hard to see the playing field this year as a cornerback... yes, you read that correctly. He and other secondary members discussed how that transition is going with Alex Schiffer.
  • Mizzou’s coaches have stressed the need to work on the pass rush, and the players are hearing the message. They talked about how they’re working on it with the St. Louis Post Dispatch.
  • PowerMizzou took some time to talk with freshman QB Connor Bazelak about his introduction to the college football scene.
  • The STL Post Dispatch also posted a gallery of pictures from the day’s events.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Rising senior Jaydin Eierman is claiming a spot on Team USA for the upcoming Pan American games.
  • Oy! Crack a Foster’s for the new Mayor of Melbourne!
  • Mizzou baseball added to its coaching staff as Todd Butler joins the team from Wichita State. He’ll be the new program recruiting coordinator as well as an assistant coach.
  • The Athletic’s CJ Moore is going to do a Missouri Q&A this week and he needs your questions!
  • Gabe DeArmond gave subscribers his regular Monday morning thoughts. Rivals subscribers can also read an Eric Bossi Q&A with Mizzou basketball target Ryan Kalkbrenner.
  • Ending today’s links on a good note. Hell yeah and f**k cancer.