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Coming soon to a Faurot Field near you... alcohol?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Drink up, me Tigers, yo-ho!

Earlier this week, Collin Anthony — esteemed member of the Mizzodcast — tweeted out that Mizzou would soon announce alcohol sales will start this football season.

It’s a rumor that’s been going around all summer and Collin got the scoop.

Even if you’re skeptical of the Mizzodcast, maybe you’d believe an established member of the Mizzou legacy media? Gabe DeArmond confirmed an announcement is coming and suggested a similar decision.

While our source did not confirm that Mizzou will be selling alcohol, that has widely been the expectation all summer. In late May, the Southeastern Conference listed its ban on selling alcohol in non-premium seating areas. Beginning on August 1, schools were allowed to sell beer and wine stadium-wide at sporting events if they chose to do so.

We at Rock M Nation are big fans of this impending announcement and will promptly celebrate by toasting Jim Sterk’s good fortune. The question is: what kind of drinks will be offered? Beer, certainly. Wine, probably. Spirits? We’ll see.

Obviously AB Inbev products will make an appearance, as will some of the cheaper macro brews. I’d love to see Mizzou feature some more local craft products from around the state. Get some breweries from the major cities involved: Boulevard for KC, Schlafly for St. Louis (editor’s note: yes, I know Schlafly isn’t the best microbrewery in STL, but it’s definitely the most available) and maybe even Mother’s from Springfield? To top it off, get Logboat involved.

What are y’all hoping to see gracing the drink carts at Faurot this year?

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