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The 2020 Schedule sets up nicely, again, for Mizzou Football

A quick look at the schedule.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

So we’re trying something a little new here. Instead of one links post, we’re basically doing two.

One of the things I want more of from our writers is to develop the editorial voice of Rock M Nation. So we can move slightly away from simply trying to cover the news the way it’s done at other sites, and present something different. In order to do that however, I want the regular links post to be a little separated from the editorial post... at least for now. We want to get people talking and steer the conversation around Missouri sports, and I’m hopeful this might be our way to do it.

I hope by doing this you’ll get to hear all the new and unique voices we have now and get to know them all better. After all, I’ve been writing for Rock M Nation for five years now, and for the most part, you know what you’re getting when I start to say something. We’re going to feature Josh, Matt, Sammy, and Brandon more and get to know them. But as we build this up, you’re probably stuck with me a little bit.

So with that said, I wanna talk about this Mizzou Football schedule in 2020. Here’s what we were sent yesterday afternoon:

  • Sept 5 — HOME vs Central Arkansas
  • Sept 12 — HOME vs Vanderbilt
  • Sept 19 — AWAY vs South Carolina
  • Sept 26 — HOME vs Eastern Michigan
  • Oct 3 — AWAY vs Tennessee
  • Oct 10 — AWAY vs BYU
  • Oct 17 — HOME vs Georgia
  • Oct 24 — HOME vs Kentucky
  • Nov 7 — AWAY vs Mississippi State
  • Nov 14 — AWAY vs Florida
  • Nov 21 — HOME vs UL-Lafayette
  • Nov 28 — HOME vs Arkansas

It’s never easy to predict what a team will or won't be two years out; most people are focused on the 2019 season right now. There are seven home games, and only one is against a team you probably don’t expect to beat, Georgia. There are five road games, and one of them is at BYU — in what is the return trip from the Pinkel retirement Arrowhead game a couple years ago — which I think you have to expect to be able to pull out. So through home games alone, it looks like Missouri can be bowl-eligible, add one in Provo and you’re at 7 wins. I’m sure at some point we’ll have to stop expecting to beat Tennessee, but it is not this year, and now we’re at eight. Missouri is pretty good at the swamp also, so why not just call it nine and go home?

In all honesty, this is an excellent schedule which should help Barry Odom carry the momentum he’s built up over the last few years, provided the Tigers take care of business this season.

The experience of Kelly Bryant and Albert Okwuegbunam and Cale Garrett will be behind us, but the progress Mizzou has made with young players up and down the roster leads you to believe they are building something sustainable. So let’s keep it going.