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Newsflash: Alcohol may make Mizzou some money!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Alcohol, the revenue generator

There’s a lot still to be dissected concerning Missouri’s 38-7 trouncing of the West Virginia Mountaineers, and we’ll have plenty of analytical goodness coming your way over the next two days.

However, one of the big stories coming out of the home opening weekend was alcohol sales. Namely, how well would beer and wine do with an 11 a.m. crowd? As it turns out, pretty damn well.

...alcohol sales generated approximately $157,000 in revenue for the game, an MU spokesman said. With drink prices ranging from $7 to $9, that means Mizzou sold around 19,000 drinks to the announced crowd of 51,215.

You have to think that number will improve during evening games, especially when Missouri gets into the meat of its schedule. The program could be looking at well into a million dollars of revenue, which would be good for both their wallets and our tastebuds.

We’ll keep monitoring the alcohol situation as it plays out during the year. Of course, it you want football content, we’ll do that too. Probably.

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