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Facing FCS Opponents isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Facing FCS Opponents isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Happy Friday, and welcome to my very first links post, friends!

Dave Matter, of St. Louis Post-Dispatch fame, had a wonderfully titled post, To FCS or Not FCS (among other words, but this is my favorite part), which examines everyone’s favorite topic (aside from the weekly costume reveal, and that will come later on today, y’all) — whether or not big bad schools like ours in Power-5 Land should be playing smaller, clearly not as strong talent-wise schools in the FCS.

Despite how big of a blowout most of us expect this game to be (check out the hefty score projection by one of our hosts on the new Before the Box Score), SEMO coach Tom Matukewicz and Barry Odom seem to have a great relationship that extends back to Odom’s time at Memphis when they used to spend summers having Xs and Os meetings with Matukewicz and his staff.

Aside from your own opinions of the tumultuous times of 2015, you can really get a sense of how he feels about Coach Odom and his impact on Missouri’s football program thus far below:

“The biggest thing is just the respect I have for Coach Odom,” Matukewicz said on this week’s Ohio Valley Conference teleconference. “When he took that job, I mean, it was a dumpster fire to be honest. People were having walkouts and riots on campus. Then he takes it over and now all of a sudden they get a bowl ban (from the NCAA) that had nothing to do with anybody who was there. They didn’t lose a soul (to transfers). It tells you what he’s building up there. Those guys are connecting. I love the culture and the team he built.”

Anyway, I encourage you all to check out the piece. It’s a good one.

Finally, before moving on to the links, let’s take a moment to enjoy this GLORIOUS Mizzou Hoops video. This seems like a really great group, and I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait for basketball season.

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Terry brings us a new edition of In The Huddle, talking about preparation for weaker opponents
  • BK’s Recruiting Reset: lots of words on Special Teams (!) and welcoming our new kicker commit
  • Nick Bolton claims to have the best hands on defense, writes Ryan Herrera
  • Matt Harris visited with 2021 hoops recruiting prospect, Jaden Akins, for a great Q&A
  • Podcast time! Check out Before the Box Score Episode 5, and listen to the dulcet tones of the insanely talented Nate Edwards (his words, not mine), accompanied by columnist and podcast newbie, Ryan Faller. How’d he do, you guys? Should we let him back on the airwaves? (editor’s note - yes, that’s me - I’ve known Faller forever and that’s why I rec’d him for the pod)

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