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Houston (CoMo?), we have a problem

Cable/Satellite tv subscribers could have some issues watching the Tigers tomorrow, and that would... suck.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Missouri
What you’d like to do to your tv provider (probably)
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Man... it’s times like this that make me glad that I can catch my chosen sports teams on Hulu Live (which I accidentally extended after the free trial— an admittedly costly mistake that I’m okay with at the moment), or by “borrowing” my parents’ cable log in (thanks, Mom & Dad).

I’m sure any of you who are DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse or AT&T TV Now subscribers are none too happy right now and are scrambling to make other arrangements to be able to take in the game tomorrow evening, while simultaneously cursing at whatever is holding up the negotiations with Disney/ESPN. You can read all about it in painstaking detail (complete with numbers to call to complain) at if you so choose... it’s a mouthful.

Hopefully, it gets worked out by tomorrow (fingers crossed), but if not, at least you’re only missing an FCS game, and hopefully it will be worked out by, say, South Carolina, the following week? Hey, I’m just trying to lessen the blow here.