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FanPulse 4.0: The top of the pack is static after an uneventful weekend

There weren’t many good games this past weekend, which is why things largely look the same.

Week 3 of College Football is over and woo-boy, I can’t wait for week 4.

That was a rough weekend for fans of what I like to call... GOOD football. Just not many interesting games and because of that, we have a very similar looking group in the top 25. Including Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, and Ohio State.

It’s still crazy to me that Florida nearly lost to a Kentucky team with their backup quarterback using their backup quarterback and they’re still considered a top 10 team. I think back to my point on the soft middle of college football, Florida might be the 10th best team in the country, but the difference between 10th and 50th might be as narrow as ever. A good example of that might be Kansas State beating Mississippi State on the road. The Bulldogs were thought to be pretty good this year and Kansas State wasn’t linked to many preseason top 25s, but beating a top 40 or so team on the road isn’t easy and both Florida and K-State accomplished that much.

BTW, If you still want to sign up for FanPulse, YOU TOTALLY CAN. Click HERE to sign up!

For the Tigers, they’re still not in the group of teams you can vote for. I expect that to change with a win over South Carolina this upcoming weekend. Beat the Gamecocks and Missouri will be 3-1 with the lone loss to a Wyoming team that’s exceeding some expectations out in Laramie so far, and losing in a super flukey way. Anyway, we still have a say in how these things go.

Here is how the votes went:

(Trying a new format, next to the ranking is the difference in spots between the National voting and our voting)

SBNation’s FanPulse Week 4

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Clemson Clemson -
Alabama Alabama -
Georgia Georgia -
Oklahoma Oklahoma -
Ohio State Ohio State -
Notre Dame Auburn ↑ 1
Auburn Notre Dame ↓ 1
Utah Utah -
Florida Michigan ↑ 1
Michigan Florida ↓ 1
Texas Texas -
Wisconsin Penn State ↑ 1
Penn State Wisconsin ↓ 1
UCF Oregon ↑ 1
Oregon UCF ↓ 1
Texas A&M Texas A&M -
Iowa Iowa -
Washington State Washington State -
Boise State Boise State -
Washington Michigan State ↑ 1
Michigan State Washington ↓ 1
Virginia Maryland ↑ 1
Maryland Virginia ↓ 1
Arizona State Army ARV

Also receiving votes were: Army, USC, TCU, Cal, Kansas State

Let’s talk about Fan Confidence.... Week one it was 27%. Last week it VAULTED to 95%, so what about this week?

Ok you can’t actually see it on the graph, but it’s a slight tick down. Apparently we were less than impressed with a 50-0 win over SEMO. The actual percentage amounted to 91.2% fan confidence.

Missouri is holding steady right now, and holding a lot of cards headed into this weekend’s contest against South Carolina.