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PODCAST: The “Tolerable Tigers” Begin SEC Play

Before the Box Score Returns to Preview South Carolina with Garnet and Black Attack’s, DC3.

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NCAA Football: Missouri at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Tiger Fans, to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards. DC3 from Garnet and Black Attack joins Nate Edwards this week to get you ready for the upcoming game against South Carolina.

Be prepared, readers (and listeners), because there are some scorching H-O-T takes coming at ya in this episode. Topics include: Mizzou ruins quarterbacks, how GP should have been fired, the epic and meme-worthy 2013 game, Jake Bentley, the Transfer Portal, fickleness of fans, score predictions, and so much more...

Strap in and let’s go on a roller coaster ride!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 3:11: Welcome back Tiger Fans! And welcome, DC3, to Before the Box Score! In this segment, we learn that Columbia is better than... Branson (thanks?), and decide what natives of each Columbia should be called.

3:12 - 9:00: Taking a walk down memory lane... Mizzou has been in the SEC for a bit now, and how do SC fans feel about this? Speaking of match-ups, which Mizzou/South Carolina game was your favorite? Discussing “The Legend of 2 Sprains”.

9:01 - 13:17: Jake Bentley’s injury, future with the program, and some thoughts on the Transfer Portal— isn’t it just free agency?

13:18 - 17:40: Enter Ryan Hilinkski. What’s the word on him— is he the next Joe Montana? Discussing a budding tradition honoring Ryan’s brother, Tyler, that will be special for years to come.

17:41 - 24:23: Who are some under the radar players that Mizzou fans should look out for on Saturday? DC explains what he thinks a South Carolina win looks like.

24:24 - END: Prediction time, a little wager, a dig at West Virginia, and some final thoughts!

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