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“Pop quiz, hot shot!” Guess who knows Columbia better!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Pop quiz! Who knows “their Columbia” better??

First off... Forgive me, dear readers, for my lame (awesome?) attempt at using a movie quote in my headline (FYI to you youngins out there- the movie is Speed, a wildly entertaining 90s action movie involving a bomb on a bus which stars a fantastically terrible Keanu Reeves).

Now on to the good stuff. Some fine writers at The Athletic — Peter Baugh (MIZ) and Josh Kendall (SC), specifically — got together to hash out the Mizzou-South Carolina rivalry, and it wrapped up in dramatic fashion. They pitted Tiger cornerback Christian Holmes against Gamecock safety J.T. Ibe to see who knew their Columbia best; that is, who could identify local businesses present in their respective cities.

An excerpt:

Independent grocery store: “Does your Columbia have Lucky’s or IGA?”

Holmes: “Lucky’s.” Correct! (2-for-2)

Ibe: “Lucky’s.” Incorrect! (0-for-2)

Sit-down restaurant: “Does your Columbia have 44 Canteen or Motor Supply Bistro?”

Holmes: “44 Canteen.” Correct! (3-for-3)

Ibe: “44 Canteen?” Incorrect! (0-for-3)

“I’ve heard of Motor Supply,” Ibe said. “Is that in Missouri? No? It’s here? I’ve never eaten there.”

“You’ve got to know the enemy,” Holmes said after getting the question correct.

Holmes delivered a beatdown. Does that bode well for the game this weekend? Obviously.

You can read the whole article here. ($$)

Seriously though, if you’re not subscribing to The Athletic, you’re missing out, and if you’d like to take advantage of a free 7-day trial, you can go to this link,

On to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Terry brought us a new In the Huddle, discussing the state of the program heading into rivalry week.
  • Ryan, the self-proclaimed “King of Pregamin”, had an excellent piece about the (not so fond) memories of the Mayor’s Cup, complete with quotes from players and the coaching staff.
  • Nate previewed Will “Smashy-Smash” Muschamp’s Gamecock defense for us.

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