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Bottoms Up! What are you drinking for Mizzou-South Carolina?

No opponent has given Mizzou fans more reason to drink in recent years than South Carolina. So we might as well talk about it!

Political morning pint at Gillamoos folk festival - SPD
When it starts pouring as soon as Missouri gets the ball...
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Josh Matejka, The Proud North Carolinian

Not only do I dislike the Gamecocks because of the pseudo rivalry with Missouri, but living in North Carolina, I now have reason to look down on the lesser of the two Carolinas. Not only is our scenery better, our beer is much better, especially as you head toward the mountains. I’ve been sitting on a bottle of Wicked Weed’s White Angel for about two years now and it seems like tomorrow will be the day to finally break it open.

Karen Steger, Madam Editor

(and former Proud North Carolinian)

Attending Charlotte Oktoberfest was a necessity for me during the 8 years I spent in the “other” Carolina (i.e. the BETTER one, as Josh mentioned above). While it’s been a while since I’ve lived there (or even visited), I suppose I’ll stick with one I remember that did come from the state— Thomas Creek Brewing’s Octoberfest (6% ABV), made in Greenville, SC. It has a good mix of toastiness and sweetness, is easy to drink, and I liked it enough that I bought it repeatedly after first trying it. Though, if I could pick any beer between the two Carolinas, it would be the one I miss the most and can’t get anywhere in mid-MO (damn you, small regional breweries)— Red Oak’s Bavarian Amber Lager (5% ABV), brewed in Greensboro, NC. I still remember its sweet-ish taste, delicious aroma and smoothness. I’ve never found anything like it. SIGH. [looks up flights to Charlotte]

Ryan Herrera, The Victor

I’m on a three-week Pregamin’ win streak. If you think I’m changing from my Natty Light, you’re dead wrong. (editor’s note: still gross)

AlaTiger, The Vacationer

I will be spending the weekend in Atlanta for AlaWife’s birthday, so it seems appropriate to have a Georgia beer. I will go with Tropicalia from Creature Comforts in Athens. Many of you know that I’m not generally an IPA fan, but this beer is delicious [editor’s note: I can confirm, this beer is good.] The tropical fruitiness balances out the 65 IBU, making this the perfect accompaniment while I watch the game from my hotel room while AlaWife and ArtGirl are shopping.

ZWal93, The Fatalist

Ah South Carolina, where Missouri’s hopes and dreams go to die. A surfeit of devastation marks the Tigers/Gamecocks series since joining the SEC ranging from Connor Shaw rising from the dead to Deebo Samuel wrenching the souls from the bodies of Missouri’s kick coverage unit to Michael Scarnecchia’s Rain Dance. There are two ways you can approach a game like this, both equally valid and fatalistic.

If you’re an optimist, you may opt for something smooth and refreshing. A classic Boulevard Wheat will allow for light and easy drinking during an entertaining game, but will be easy to pound down in a hurry when a live rooster is let loose on the field causing Missouri to fumble the kneel down and South Carolina returns it for the game-winning touchdown.

On the other hand, if you’re the pessimist, you’ve already accepted that this game will be a disaster, and Missouri will have its heart ripped out and thrown unceremoniously into the Mississippi River by the Carolina equipment truck driver as he crosses into Illinois. For this persuasion, might I recommend the Double Rye IPA from Broadway Brewery? At 9.8% ABV you can knock out a couple of these in the first half and won’t be aware enough to watch the Gamecocks run a fifth down play that is kicked into the air, off the goalposts and into the arms of Shi Smith as time expires.

MIZ_DBH, The Pumpkin Spice Liker

This is Mizzou’s SEC opener, and it’s late September, which means fall has finally and properly commenced. This can only mean one thing: pumpkin beer. People like to make fun of pumpkin beer, and the entire concept of pumpkin spice in general, but there is a reason it’s become a meme — it’s really good! Now, you still have to execute the concept correctly, and this is dangerous territory. You don’t want it to taste like a liquefied pumpkin pie, but you also don’t want it to be so subtle you need an advanced degree in taste-testing to realize the pumpkin flavor is there at all.

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat splits the difference perfectly. It’s easy drinking, has the exact correct level of pumpkin-ness, and when it hit my taste-buds, my body understands at a fundamental level that fall has arrived. Mizzou is playing an important football game today, and that pumpkin taste, and the light buzz that follows it, is all the evidence I need to believe it.

kristina, The Sipper

So in honor (honour?) of our friend, who is awesome and nice enough to bring us back gifts from her trip to across the pond, I’m going to bring out some Highland Park 12 year old Scotch whisky. (That’s right, when in Scotland, do as they do and drop that ‘e’.)

Now granted, as 99 percent of the community knows, this is very much not my go-to, but I have to say, it’s pretty tasty. Very smooth, and especially for someone who doesn’t partake in this all that much, easily drinkable. Most likely, at least for the first half, I’ll be at a twins’ one-year-old birthday party with about fifty other people, so if ever there was a time to make sure we have something a little harder than your typical fermented grape beverage , this would be it.

European parliament election
Disclosure: Not kristina
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How about y’all? What will you be sipping on today?