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FanPulse 5.0: You can vote for Missouri now everyone!

The Tigers whipped a top 30 team at home while we got a little more movement in the middle and back of the top 25.

sbnation fan pulse week 4

Week 4 of College Football has come and gone and what did we learn?

The game of the weekend was arguably the contest between Georgia and Notre Dame. The Irish went to Athens and looked good early, got dominated through most of the second half of the game, but still made things interesting because Kirby Smart still struggles a bit with game management. Smart made some questionable decisions down the stretch and it gave Notre Dame enough wiggle room to have a shot, even though the Bulldogs defense was eventually able to snuff it out.

So who is at the top?

sbnation fan pulse week 4

Oh look. Clemson.

Alabama, Georgia, LSU at the top, with Auburn at 7, Florida at 9, Texas A&M still at 16... that’s six of the SEC’s 14 teams in the top 25. Personally I’ve come around a bit on Ohio State, and LSU giving up 30+ points and putting up 66 might’ve been the most WTF score of the weekend (non-Pac-12 edition).

So, quick note on the Pac-12. They’re eating their own out there (I just used the holy trinity of their-there-they’re in one sentence!). If you missed #Pac12AfterDark, UCLA put up 67 points and 29 (!) in the 4th quarter to clip top 25 Washington State. I’m assuming most of the fans who voted didn’t see that result, because I’m not sure I can keep someone in the top 25 who gives up 60+ points to a 1-3 UCLA team.

They also added a new category to the poll... Most overrated:

  • Notre Dame - 6.71%
  • Ohio State - 1.36%
  • Florida - 14.98%
  • Michigan - 60.24%
  • UCF - 9.38%
  • Utah - 4.09%
  • Texas - 3.25%

LOL at Michigan.

Here’s the news... You can now vote for Missouri in FanPulse. So if you still want to sign up YOU TOTALLY CAN. Click HERE to sign up!

Missouri did NOT enter into the top 25 across all SBN sites. But they did enter in Missouri fans voting!

Here is how the votes went:

(Trying a new format, next to the ranking is the difference in spots between the National voting and our voting)

Week 4 Results

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Clemson Clemson -
Alabama Alabama -
Georgia Georgia -
Oklahoma Oklahoma -
Ohio State Ohio State -
Auburn Auburn -
Wisconsin Wisconsin -
Florida Florida -
Texas Notre Dame ↑ 1
Notre Dame Texas ↓ 1
Penn State Penn State -
Oregon Oregon -
Utah Utah -
Iowa Iowa -
Texas A&M Texas A&M -
Michigan State Michigan ↑ 1
Michigan Michigan State -
Boise State USC ↑ 2
Washington Washington State ↑ 3
USC Boise State ↓ 2
Washington State Washington ↓ 3
Virginia Missouri ↑ 5+
Cal Virginia ↓ 1

Also receiving votes were: Maryland, Army, Kansas State, Arizona State, Wake Forest

So we all had a chance to vote for Missouri, and a lot of us had a chance to watch other teams play football... and the best you all could do is 24th? Come on, everyone. I voted them 12th in hopes of offsetting all the votes they aren’t getting. I really expected more.

Let’s talk about Fan Confidence.... Week one it was 27%. Last week it VAULTED to 95%, then slipped to 91.2%. What about this week?

sbnation fanpulse week 4 fan confidence

We’re trending back up! Missouri fan confidence (of those polled) is at 97.3% of the vote. That’s really high considering the Missouri offense largely played a sloppy game against South Carolina. They won and big, but 14 of their 34 points came on defense. I dunno... I guess I expected a little bit of a tick down, but I guess a 20 point win is a 20 point win.

What say you, everyone? How are you feeling about the Tigers heading into the Bye Week?