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Basketball practices have officially begun, y’all, and the excitement is palpable

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Hoops practices have officially begun, y’all...

And seriously, I couldn’t be any more excited. Yes, I know it’s football season, but this is what I dream about all year. I know at least some of you are with me on this. This, dear friends, is for you.

Since it’s a bye week for the oblong ball sport and there’s not tons of hot content to pore over (besides the EXCEPTIONAL work by my fellow Rock M writers, of course), let’s check in on some round ball action, shall we?

Before we see what’s going on with the new, let’s see what the old— mainly, one... ahem... very well-known fella you might have heard of— is up to.

In an article by Mike Singer at the Denver Post, Nuggets President Tim Connelly talks championship aspirations, how they’re set up to contend in a KD-less West, and everyone’s favorite, “will he, won’t he [ever play]” story topic, Michael Porter Jr! It sure sounds like he’s healthy and ready to go, so here’s to hoping this really comes to fruition and we can finally see what MPJ is capable of at the next level.

From the article, which you can read in its entirety here:

All eyes will be on Nuggets redshirt rookie Michael Porter Jr. next week when training camp opens in Colorado Springs. According to Connelly, Porter Jr. has been “full bore” in scrimmages and won’t have a minutes restriction heading into the season.

“I think where he is physically is about as good as we could’ve ever imagined on draft night,” he said.

The men’s team started off their season with some combine testing! I love that they do this first thing as a measuring stick of sorts to monitor their progress throughout the year, and I’m intrigued to see how it all goes.

We also got a check in from Javon Pickett, who talked about how he thinks this team could be a really special one, and what he’s doing to get better every day. Love that time stamp showing just how much (and often) he’s working on his game, and how his effort is motivating others to do the same. Keep on it, Javon.

And finally, we get a little glimpse of Coach P’s new squad, who’s also pumped for a new season to unfold.

Is it November 6 yet?

On to the links, which aren’t (all) basketball-related, I promise!

Yesterday at Rock M

  • Nate is back with a new Beyond the Box Score, the “streak-busting” edition (I like the sound of that!)
  • Mitch & Bennett have a new ep of The Fifth Down for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it here, and read the awesome recap here (shameless plug)
  • Josh wrote a piece about the bye week that was, quite frankly, entertaining as hell— you should definitely check it out
  • Sam wrote about the hoops non-con matchup with Chicago State, coached by someone with a surname that may be familiar to long-time Mizzou fans

More Links:

  • This defense sure is making a name for itself, eh? Love to see it!
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Matter has a new Matter on Mizzou post about the Tigers refusing to buckle at signs of trouble. Definitely worth a read (as his stuff always is)
  • KC Star: Schiff takes a look at the Mizzou defense, and what a key coaching decision might have done to help the defense get its act together after that fateful WY game
  • PowerMizzou (free): Mitchell Forde writes about curing the Tigers’ bye-week blues. You can also watch the players & coaches chat about the bye week in some videos
  • PowerMizzou ($$): AJ Blankenship recapped the visits of some hoops targets (2021 Tamar Bates & 2022 Tarris Reed) that were in town for the SC game
  • Columbia Missourian: Liam Quinn looks at Missouri’s decreasing tight end production, and what could be causing it
  • In non-athletics related news, Chancellor Cartwright visited with some really smart folks about translational research and precision health (disclosure: I have no idea what this means even though I read the email) on the Inside Mizzou Podcast, if you want to give it a listen
  • If you’re looking to sign up for ESPN+, Rock M Nation now has an affiliate link: click Here for ESPN+ Now!