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PODCAST: Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris

Dive Cuts is back, and we’re discussing Caleb Love’s recruitment, taking a look at this year’s squad, and examining kU’s unfortunate issues

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NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Dive Cuts makes its triumphant return for Season 3, Episode 3 with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris! There’s plenty of hoops to talk about even though we’re in the midst of college football season, because, HEY, basketball never sleeps! Our hosts have got plenty of takes to share, from analyzing the crystal ball predictions about Caleb Love, recruiting talk and things to look for with Mizzou this season, to kU’s recent troubles, thoughts on Bill Self as a coach, and what this all means for the NCAA.

Enough talk, let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 16:27: Welcome back! Let’s get right into with the big news- Caleb Love’s recruitment! Sam is sensing a great bit of despair from the Mizzou faithful after the new crystal ball picks are... less than promising. Matt contends that, while Caleb’s visit likely didn’t erode UNC’s position, it likely showed everyone else who doesn’t live under a rock or read our site— SERIOUSLY, READ THIS SITE, Y’ALL— that Missouri is right there in the thick of things. (disclaimer: this was recorded on Tuesday night, prior to the cut list coming out, so the talk about wanting this to be as drawn out as possible isn’t really great news in hindsight)

Regardless of what happens, the ultimate goal is staying in the game as long as you can and showing the top recruits in your prioritized area that the blue bloods will not send you packing. WHEN Missouri gets back to where Cuonzo is not dealing in hypotheticals, we’ll see some progress on the recruiting front and we are confident Coach Martin is the man for the job. (editor’s note: sorry, that was really long-winded)

16:28 – 26:22: Recruiting nuggets…. it’s not all doom and gloom! Missouri is still on the hunt for a post player who will give them some interior depth for multiple seasons. We’ll see what comes to fruition with the two biggest targets (see what I did there?).

Official practices are underway, and our fine hosts have some things they’ll monitor as the season heats up. How the lead guard position will work itself out? What’s the rotation at the three guard spots, and who’s going to take control? Will Torrence pick up where he left off last season? How will Tray and Kobe be utilized? Dru Smith is enigmatic— mysterious in the sense that we haven’t seen him play yet, and he’s a bit different from people’s thoughts of a “typical” point guard. What’s a team with Dru Smith going to look like? A good season is ahead and plenty of players on this team will make contributions this year and for years to come!

26:23 – 42:39: It’s time.... What you’ve all been waiting for. kansas is dealing with some things (haven’t you heard?), and it will most certainly impact their recruiting. Sam and Matt discuss the trying times that lie ahead for the fake birds and the man at the helm, Bill Self. While we all can agree that Bill Self, is, in fact, a fantastic basketball coach, we also can agree that that same Bill Self, is, and has been for quite some time, a cheater. And now the NCAA is going to try their damndest to burn him at the stake. Who else falls as the result of the NCAA’s quest? Does anything change? What should they do? The guys have some interesting suggestions.

42:40 – END: Sam makes a bold (and hilarious) statement that is sure to please all Tiger fans, but enough kU talk. Final thoughts and let’s get out of here. HOLY SMOKES! MATT DOES THE SIGN OFF. GO READ THE WEBSITE! SO MUCH CONTENT.

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