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PODCAST: Before the Box Score gets a new (temporary) name!

Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards Returns with Josh Matejka

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NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Tiger Fans! It’s time for another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards. Joining Nate this week is The Deputy himself, Mr. Josh Matejka, so it’s BTBS with Nate and Josh 2.0!

Sure, it’s a bye week, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be talking Mizzou Football. Nate and Josh dive into some takeaways from the first four games, decide upon their MVP, and much more!

To the breakdown!

  • INTRO: Welcome back... to the podcast that has a technically incorrect name this week. Which box score are we talking about? Workshopping a new title— Before the Box SCORES?
  • (3:00)- Biggest takeaways of the season thus far: Nate’s thoughts on this are well known as he’s written 5,000,000 words on it thus far, but what does Josh think? Expecting (perhaps wrongly) a more replacement-level Drew Lock, and how far away are these young receivers?
  • (7:00)- Examining KB’s stats at Clemson vs stats at Mizzou, Larry Three-Sticks’ ™ weirdly quiet good/great year, #KBRunGame
  • (12:35)- Some positives, aside from that damn Wyoming game: mainly special teams (!!!). RIP Corey Fatony (“dead” from Mizzou football), Tucker McCann is THE MAN, Nate’s love of the “gunners” throwing their arms straight showing, “Hey, I’m not holding anybody”
  • (19:05)- Biggest concerns: KB’s lack of chemistry with the receivers, where did Kam Scott go? Jonathan Nance? Jalen Knox? Less worrisome? The penalties- aggression vs procedure
  • (22:25)- Further diagnosing the receiver issues: Is it option routes? Do they not know the playbook? Why is Kam Scott so important to this group, and is he really OBJ-lite-lite-lite?
  • (28:00)- Picking the 33% MVP. What does that award look like? A third of a trophy? A certificate? Nate reminds Josh that HELSINKI is the capital of Russia/some nordic city (editor’s note- Finland), not the QB for South Carolina. Not a hard decision on who deserves the award...
  • (32:30)- How the schedule lines up with 4 games - bye - 4 games - bye: Are we really just doing the first part of the season over again? Hard to make definitive statements about what these next 4 games mean, but what are some predictions? It all starts with Troy, who has a top 25 offense, and YOU CANNOT LOSE TO KENTUCKY.
  • (44:30)- It’s the “Show-Me” state, so when is Mizzou going to “show” us they can get it done? Discussing Mizzou’s emotionally abused fandom, and fleshing out Josh’s thoughts on Vandy.
  • (46:12)- Wrapping up! Nate doesn’t know what to do during bye weeks. He walks outside and looks at butterflies and thinks they’re birds? What are you up to this weekend? The Cardinals are going to give Josh a stroke. Enjoying a break from college football after all the hard work put in at ROCK M NATION!

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